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Stockport standing together with Manchester

This online book of condolence is to enable residents of Stockport to pass on their thoughts to the victims and their families following the tragic events at the Manchester Arena on Monday 22 May.

Councillor Alex Ganotis, Leader of Stockport Council, said: “Since the atrocious and barbaric events that took place at the Manchester Arena on Monday evening, I – like many others – have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of grief from around the world.

“It has been decided that a book of condolence be opened at Stockport Town Hall and online to give people from our community the opportunity to pay their respects to those affected by this monstrous act.

“These books will allow people to express their feelings and show support to everyone involved, especially those who have lost loved ones or been injured and traumatised.”


  1. Cllr.Linda Holt Mayor Of Stockport

    Here in Manchester a callous cowardly act has taken place. This has been met with outstanding bravery from our emergency services and unstinting sprit of the people of Manchester. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones and those injured. My prayers are with you at this most difficult time in your lives.X

  2. Chris Pollitt

    To all the families and friends who have lost somebody they love our hearts and prayers are with you. We cannot try to comprehend the pain you are feeling at this awful time. Please try to be strong and remember from the darkness comes light. The tremendous acts of our emergency services alongside the great people and communities of the North West show that we will stand together and will never fall to this evil. Manchester together. With love Chris, Clare & Alfie, Stockport XXX

  3. Laureen Donnan - Stockport Council

    My thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends – this is a very difficult and sad time for everyone. I have been overwhelmed by offers of help and support form Stockport people, a symbol of our outstanding community spirit that helps so much at such distressing times.
    I’d also like to thank the efforts and bravery of the Greater Manchester emergency services.

  4. Natalie Watson

    God bless you all

  5. Helen

    I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with the families it so heartbreaking and shock to take innocent lives but we will all stand together

  6. Rebecca

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those who unfortunately were lost Monday night. I cannot try to imagine to pain you are going through but remember you are not alone and Manchester supports all of you through this difficult time.

  7. Thea McQuaid Jones

    My thoughts are prayers go out to all the family’s involved. Manchester is an amazing city with love, hope and an amazing community spirit. Manchester will stick together and will never be broken. This is our city xxxxxxxx

  8. Ann Birch

    I am from Stockport, now living in Canada, but with all my family in and around Stockport and Manchester. I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to all families who have lost loved ones. My heart goes out to everyone, this was a truly disgusting act of violence. From what I have seen on TV, the response by the people of Greater Manchester has been overwhelming and fantastic, and that speaks volumes. Thoughts are prayers are with everyone involved in this terrible situation.

  9. Emily

    My prayers go out to you my heart is broken your in prayers

  10. Emily Blackshaw

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families – Rest in Peace xxxxx

  11. Ashleigh

    All the love and prayers for the victims and their families. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to accept this kind of horror and cruelty. Lots of love from Ireland <3

  12. Dominic

    Thoughts & prayers to all those involved, their family and friends also! Massive amounts of respect too for all those who helped out no matter what!

  13. Emma- Jane

    To all the families affected by this cowardly act or terrorism, I pray for you and so does everyone in this city and country.

    We are a family, we are Manchester and we will always remember.

    Good Bless you all.


  14. Florence Stanfield

    My thoughts and prayers are for all family and friends who lost a loved one here in Manchester, I am truly sorry my home town was used to bring such hurt onto innocent people. My god bless you all and guide you over the days to come, I also pray he helps those in hospital give them all strength to overcome this mindless act.

  15. Stephanie L

    Sending healing vibes to all effected and involved. Its been heartbreaking and incredibly painful to discover of all the deaths, suffering and loss. Its impossible to imagine how hurt the direct victims must be and how difficult the recovery may be for those who have been injured and won’t have the same quality of life after. We only have a slight sense of your pain, i can only offer you all my strength and positive thoughts for the road ahead. I hope you all manage find peace somehow in this awful situation.

  16. Debs Mather

    Each and every one of you taken far too soon. May God bless you all and all your loved ones. A sad sad time in this cruel world we live in. My heart goes out to you all.
    Sleep tight. R.I.P
    X X X X X

  17. Bobbie

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the family’s involved. Rest in peace to all the beautiful innocent people that are no longer with us. Manchester will stick together at this sad time and will not be broke. xxxx

  18. Callum Brannigan

    Sending my thoughts and prayers to all affected by the sickening attack on monday. I cant begin to imagine what the families and friends of the victims are going through, but the rest of us mancs are here to try and help you through it. We will always remember, we are Manchester and we are going to stick together through this tough time.

    May God bless you all x

  19. Emma

    Words can not describe the pain you must be feeling, my heart is broken for each and every person caught up in this horrendous act.

    I will pray for you and your families and loved ones.

    You have my sincere condolences and love.

    Lots of love and god bless.


  20. Annie targett

    My prayers are with the victims and families. God bless you all. X

  21. James Morris

    Sending all my love to the victims friends and families of this tragic incident.
    The pain some must be feeling can never be understood, The tears however have been shared across the whole city, UK and beyond. We wish we could do more to help in this time of grief and sadness.

    MANCHESTER STANDS WITH ANYONE IN THE FIGHT FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS – anyone unfortunate enough to never experience this again, my heart stays with you for life! Anyone against this can leave now.

    23 year old male resident of Manchester.

  22. Steph

    Love and prayers to all the families and friends of those lost and thanks to all the emergency services and those who helped. RIP xxx

  23. Marisa Lopez

    As a person that works 2 steps away from the Arena and walks through there every day this horrendous act has created a feeling in me I have never had. I feel sorry for all those affected, walking through there on Monday afternoon and seeing so many excited faces just made you happy and then hearing about the attack feelings of sadness, anger, helplessness, fear of what this world is becoming….
    But one thing comes out of all these feelings and it is the sense of community, the strength people find in each other. I am amazed how the people from Manchester are being so strong and how fear is becoming one of our greatest strengths in moments like this. We will stand up for ourselves! We will not coward away and hide from these disgusting and violent attacks!
    My love and thoughts go out to all of those affected, but know that you are not alone. We, the city of Manchester, is here to help!

  24. Rachael

    This is deeply heartbreaking news, in a location just down the road from us in Stockport! Poor children, teenagers, adults have been taken away from their families due to this horrendous act, and many injured; including precious children who should not have to witness such sights at such a young age. Parents being taken away from their children & families in this horrific act of terrorism, and children being taken away from their parents & families. Many probably too young to fully understand what has happened, and why they won’t see particular people in their lives anymore. I wish every single one of the people affected all the best and hope everyone a speedy recovery; both mentally and physically. I am deeply saddened and sorry that you have lost your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, cousins, etc. The loyalty and devotion to one another that has shone bright from this devastation is absolutely incredible, stay strong! I cannot even begin to imagine what you are feeling. Rest in Peace to those that we have sadly lost! xxxx

  25. Louise

    I cannot describe how I felt on hearing this sad news. What a cruel world we seem to be living in. Thinking of all the people caught up in this and not forgetting the fantastic emergency services who do such an amazing job. God bless xxxxxx

  26. Laura

    I have never felt so sick in my entire life before.
    Music is supposed to be peaceful, a place where you can be yourself and be safe. Noone has the right to take that away from us!
    My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost a loved one, a family member, a friend.
    May their beautiful souls find peace.

  27. Gail

    I remember everything about you,
    your voice, your smile, your touch,
    the way you walked, the way you talked,
    the way you looked at me, meant so much.

    You are gone from me now,
    but one thing they can’t take away,
    your memory resides inside my heart,
    and lights up my darkest days.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family’s and friend’s who have lost a loved one in Manchester

  28. Sam Louise

    I’m a Yorkshire girl but am proud to say I have lived in Manchester for 6 years now. I’m proud to say I live here and am completely overwhelmed by the compassion and strength I have seen from everyone. My heart is with the family and friends of those who have been touched by this tragedy, my prayers are with you and you will never be forgotten. I will continue to remember the love and support I have seen for each and every person and will forgot the evil that was behind this….We are strong together and love will always win 🙂 xx

  29. Darren Hall

    RIP little ones, and big’uns as well. Words cannot express my sadness. Such a cruel world. Sleep tight now.

  30. Sarah

    Words can not explain how I felt hearing this news. My heart goes out to all the familes who have lost someone and for the injured. I’m so proud of Manchester of how we have come together and we will not be beaten. Rest in Peace xx

  31. Toni

    Shocking news and my heart goes out to everybody who has lost loved ones, Wishing the injured a speedy recovery. I am a proud “Manc” and Manchester will remain strong as always.

  32. Hannah Davison

    I’m so overwhelmed with sadness for everyone involved. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families, the injured, and to all of Manchester. You will never be forgotten. I wanted to share a poem I wrote this morning:
    We’re far apart in distance,
    But stand so close at heart,
    Side by side with Manchester,
    And never torn apart.
    We’re crying tears of saddness,
    Of grief, of anger and pain.
    But together we are united,
    And become stronger once again.
    These cowards won’t defeat us,
    We will heal and keep on going.
    No matter how many times they try,
    We will rise and keep on growing.

    All my love and prayers from Northern Ireland

  33. Gemma

    To all the people affected by this awful attack on our children, friends and family of Manchester, we send our love and wishes which I hope will help you along the way to recovery either from injuries or losing a loved one.
    My cousin was at the concert and she luckily survived and got out of the arena safe. She was inside when the bomb went off and thankfully she was on the opposite side of the arena.
    I am still in shock by what has happened and the main question that runs through my mind is why did he think it was ok to murder children?
    These extremist deserve no name, no religion and no family. They should not be named as Muslim. Their birth name should not be mentioned nor should we see a picture of their face. They deserve nothing because they are the lowest form of human. I hope the press start to think this too.

  34. Laura Edge

    Our thoughts are with the victims and relatives if all killed and injured .Please accept out condolenses for this terrible act of violence against children and young adults ,xxx

  35. Heather Smith

    Waking up to the heartbreaking news in Manchester on the morning of 23rd May 2017 was gut wrenching and utterly shocking. I never thought that this would happen in my home city, in a venue renowned for happiness and good times and I am struggling to come to terms with why this has happened. A complete disregard for human lives, such young, beautiful individuals with the whole world at their feet had their lives so tragically cut short by a narrow minded, uneducated terrorist. As my heart breaks for the parents, families and friends of those lost and I convey my deepest condolences to each and every one of them, I feel a mixture of sadness and pride for the way in which Manchester has responded, the way that the emergency services reacted so bravely and quickly and I am proud to stand by your side and show the world what an amazing city we live in. Manchester will never be beaten and we will not be afraid. To all of the angels, rest in peace. We will not forget you xxx

  36. Hayley

    No words can describe how I feel right now, other than I am so proud to be from Manchester. A City that has pulled together over the past few days to show a sign of respect and to prove that we will not be defeated. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their loved ones and we can only hope that they will find peace in the memories that they will cherish forever. Our emergency services have been key in this tragedy to whom I am so grateful for and I wish everyone who is injured a speedy recovery. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved or affected by this horribly cruel and cowardly incident x

  37. Kelly

    Thoughts & prayers go out to the family & friends who lost loved ones may they rest in peace. All too young to part this world but may you rest easy with the angels.Also to those who are injured i hope you have a speedy recovery. Love too you all

  38. Charlotte

    Our thoughts are with the families of the relatives of the killed and injured, we hope the injured make a great recovery. We pray for everyone effected by this tragedy! Something that really didn’t need too happen!!! Absolutely shocking! It’s amazing too see us all gather round and support each other at this sad time. We will never be broken! God bless all, god bless Manchester

  39. Nicola

    Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost someone they love in this horrendous attack on our beautiful city. To all the other people affected by this attack stay strong and don’t let the terrorists win.

    It will take a long time to come to terms with what has happened but we will not let this destroy our city and those who lost their lives will always have a place in our hearts x

  40. Christine

    Such a tragic loss of life. Thoughts and sympathies to the families and all those affected. Stockport stands with you.

  41. Sarah Williams

    We are sending our love and condolences to all of those people who have lost friends and family in this dreadful mindless attack.

    From Andy Sarah Dylan & Josh Williams

  42. Tory

    My family and me we were absolutely shocked with the news of what happened at Manchester Arena on Monday evening. I could not stop crying because this is not just someone’s pain and sorrow, this is our common pain. All our thoughts and prays with the families and friends of those who have lost their loved ones and those who injured.
    We will go through this hard time together and become stronger. We will remember those who lost their precious lives in this cowardly fanatic act. God bless you all and may He gives you strength to pass through this horrible time. Lots of love x

  43. Frank Chai

    My heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost friends, family, loved ones in this mindless attack.

    You can hit us down, but we will stand back up stronger than ever! #Manchesterlove

  44. Joanna

    My thoughts and prayers are with all the people effected in this horrific attack.

  45. Shannon Leigh

    My thoughts and prayers go out to every single person that was at the awful event on monday and to those who had sadly lost someone they love. All those young innocent children were supposed to be having the time of their lives, which was completely the opposite. They had their whole lives to live for which is so heartbreaking.

    Terrorists think that we will be torn apart yet I have never seen a city so close together. We are Manchester and WILL stand together!

    All of you will always have a place in my heart xxx

  46. Dave

    My thoughts and prayers are back home in Manchester and with the families and friends that have lost loved ones and anyone still recovering and affected in this heinous attack. I may be up in Newcastle but Manchester has been home to me for 33 years and always will be and i stand with you today, tomorrow, always.

  47. K & D

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the bereaved families and friends and to all who suffered as a result of this terrible act.

  48. Helen Cheetham

    My heart breaks for the families of those who have died, been injured or suffer from the experience of being there. I wish you weren’t going through this, I hope you find the strength to do so and I wish there was something I could do.

  49. Helen Cheetham

    My heart breaks for the families of all those affected. I wish you weren’t going through this, I hope you find the strength to do so and I wish there was something I could do x

  50. Ian Burnett, Stockport

    No amount of words can begin to comfort those who have lost their loved ones in this horrifying event.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you all

    Xx Ian Burnett xx


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